The Mangrove Photography Awards gives us a fascinating insight into the world of mangroves from all corners of the earth.

Now in its seventh year, we want to encourage photographers from all around the world to contribute to the awards which will both illustrate the importance and diversity of life in our coastal forests and offer everyone the opportunity to raise their voices for the protection of one of our most critical and undervalued ecosystems.

Your photos and stories can inspire action to protect and conserve our mangrove ecosystems. Did you know that mangroves are among the most undervalued ecosystems on the planet? They help to reduce rising global temperatures, prevent food shortages and protect the world’s biodiversity. They are still considered by many as unimportant wastelands, but your images have the power to tell a very different story.

The Mangrove Photography Awards celebrates the largest mangrove exhibition on the 26th July, World Mangrove Day. It was an idea that took shape when Leo, our Creative Director, became fascinated with mangrove forests and wanted to engage wider audiences in mangrove issues and stories, while inspiring people to take conservation action.

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