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About the Awards

The Mangrove Photography Awards is giving us a fascinating insight into the world of mangroves from all corners of the earth

Now in its seventh year, we want to encourage photographers from all around the world to contribute to the awards which will both illustrate the importance and diversity of life in our coastal forests and offer everyone the opportunity to raise their voices for the protection of one of our most critical and undervalued ecosystems. Your photos and stories can inspire action to protect and conserve our mangrove ecosystems.

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Photo by Victor Hugo Luja
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June 05
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July 17
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July 26
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Meet the Judges

Robert Irwin
Wildlife Photographer
Charlie Hamilton James
NatGeo Photographer
Daisy Gilardini
Conservation Photographer
Christian Ziegler
Natural History Photojournalist
Mac Stone
Conservation Photographer
Emily Garthwaite

Robert Irwin

Wildlife Photographer

Robert Irwin is an award-winning nature photographer and Wildlife Warrior, who travels the world in search ofinspiring images of wildlife and wild places. He and his family own and operate Australia Zoo and the nonprofit environmental organisation 'Wildlife Warriors,' supporting conservation projects around the globe.His photographs have been featured in galleries around Australia as well as through news publications worldwide.

Further, Robert has been recognized in many international photography competitions, including beinghonoured as the winner of Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 People’s ChoiceAward, highly commended in the Wildlife Photographer of The Year Awards, highly honoured in Nature's BestWindland Smith Rice International Photography Awards 2018 and 2019, commended in the Birdlife AustraliaPhotography Awards 2019, the junior runner up in the Australian Geographic Natu

Meet the Ambassadors

Dhritiman Mukherjee
Wildlife Photographer
Camille Rivera
Marine Conservationist
Octavio Aburto
Conservation Photographer
Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy
Environmental Ambassador
Jillian Morris
Marine Biologist &
Shark Conservationist
Coelho Junior
Mangrove Biologist

Charlie Hamilton James

NatGeo Photographer

Charlie Hamilton James is a wildlife programme maker, cameraman, presenter and co-founder of Halcyon Media with his wife Philippa Forrester. He’s fast gaining the reputation of being as much of a smooth operator in front of the camera as he is behind the lens. His career began when he was just 16 – working on David Attenborough’s Trials of Life – before moving on to become a cameraman on some of the BBC’s most prestigious natural history series: Life of Mammals, Wildlife on One, Andes to Amazon, Big Cat Diary and Life. Charlie has won many awards for his innovative style. In 2010 Charlie and Philippa made the extremely popular and award winning Halcyon River Diaries for BBC One, documenting a year in the life of the river next to their home and getting to know the wildlife living there. Charlie films giant otters in Peru, from where he sends back diary-style updates for Planet Earth Live.


Mangrove Forests, found in 118 countries, are still among the most undervalued ecosystems on the planet, but your images have the power to tell a very different story. 6 categories will reveal different aspects of mangrove forests whilst also encouraging the younger generation to engage with mangroves and their issues. Our aim is to offer a platform to help shine a light on moments and stories from our beautiful mangroves, while showcasing some of the extraordinary wildlife, highlighting intimate relationships with people, exposing threats to the habitat and revealing conservation successes that give us clues into protecting and repairing them. Click into the category pages for more inspiration.


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